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In fullfilling Golden Calf Company’s mission “to provide dairy producers with innovative products for calf care”, our goal is to supply dairy farms the right tools to achieve a consistently healthy calf population.


Golden Calf Company launched at the 2010 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin with its first colostrum management system called the ColoQuick.


In 2012, the World Ag Expo Committee recognized our newest product at that time the MAXX 4 colostrum pasteurizer with a Top 10 Products of the Year Honorable Mention.


In 2013 we delivered dairy producers the ultimate tool to help them measure their success of newborn calf rearing, the digital dip style refractometer. Producers thus have a way of creating benchmarks for their calf raising protocols and seeing how they improve over time.


As we pursued the most efficient colostrum management system in 2014 we added a commercial grade Colostrum Freezer Bank with a glass door, that at a single glance allows the producer to know what quality colostrum is available to the newborns and facilitates better management of colostrum quality.


Listening to our customer needs has us developing and adding products to our offering, as these continue to grow, our branding must evolve. In 2015 we added three product lines. Calf Wear represents high-quality calf jackets made right here in Wisconsin. Calf Lab focuses on hygiene and testing of protocols, while Calf Gear offers products that aid in everyday feedings.


For our efforts of maintaining production locally, we were recognized in 2016 by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation as one of the pilot companies to use the exclusive “Made in Wisconsin” label, which we are very proud of.




As the industry moves closer toward automation, precision technologies, and lean practices, we want to stay on top of the innovation curve and that is why, this year at World Dairy Expo, you’ll be able to meet our newest addition – the Smart colostrum pasteurizer, called the Calf Hero 12.

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