Calf Hero™ Colostrum Bags

Calf Hero Colostrum Bag Nipple feed Tube Feed colostrum

New Calf Hero™ Colostrum Bags from Golden Calf Company. Made in America, easily feed with either tube feeder or nipple. Available in three sizes 2L pink, 3L black, and 4L blue. Each colostrum bag has designated space to write colostrum quality, date of collection, and even calf date of birth, and feeding time to keep a complete record of your colostrum feeding. A convenient handle makes it easy to feed directly out of the bag.

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Colostrum Handling

Colostrum Cartridge Handling Store colostrumA specially designed cartridge holds the colostrum bags in place during collection, pasteurizing, freezing, thawing, and feeding.

Easy handling of colostrum increases hygiene in the maternity area and ensures prompt processing. The cartridge protects the bag from scrapes and maintains a thin profile of the colostrum during freezing enabling fast warm-up.

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Colostrum Thaw ColoQuick Unit

Calf Hero ColoQuick Colostrum Thaw | Quickly Warm up colostrum to feeding temperatureQuickly and easily thaw out your colostrum for fast calf feeding. The most critical component of colostrum management is a good thaw unit.

Rapid thawing and warming of colostrum are possible thanks to the movement inside the water bath.

The thaw unit maintains a warm temperature 24/7 ready for your next calf to be born.
With minimal electrical requirements, this is a must-have for any dairy that takes colostrum management seriously.

Calf Hero™ Tube Feeder

Calf Hero Tube Feeding | Plastic Esophageal Tube Feeder | Stainless steel calf tubeThe New Calf Hero™ Colostrum Tube Feeder is made of flexible plastic with a smaller than average tip to protect the calf and facilitate quick and simple feeding. Available as a snap-in option for single-use, or in combination with a connector for multiple uses. Stainless steel colostrum tube feeder features an on/off valve to prevent the calf from aspirating liquids. In combination with a hose and a backpack, this is our most ergonomic tube feeding option.

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Calf Hero™ Nipple Feeding

Calf Hero Nipple feeding of colostrum
Nipple feeding colostrum has never been more simple. Following the welfare guidelines of Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM), Golden Calf Company strives to make it as easy as possible to always offer a nipple to a newborn calf. The new Calf Hero™ Colostrum Bags are sized to accommodate a standard nipple. Should the calf not suckle, simply replace the nipple with a tube feeder, without any mess.
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Calf Hero™ Backpack

Calf Hero Backpack for easy colostrum feedingLarge dairies will find this ergonomic backpack an essential tool for colostrum feeding of newborn calves. This insulated backpack holds one entire cartridge of colostrum and protects the user’s back while keeping the colostrum warm.

In combination with a hose that can hold either a nipple feeder or tube feeder, it is the most comfortable way of feeding colostrum.

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Calf Hero™ Colostrum Pasteurizer

Calf Hero Colostrum Pasteurizer 12 - large scale dairy colostrum systemCalf Hero™ high capacity colostrum pasteurizer is state-of-the-art offering the finest technology in colostrum pasteurization. Special emphasis was given to the enforcement of protocols, and daily reports are available on-screen as well as by email. Multi-lingual controls make it easy to implement. The Calf Hero™ colostrum pasteurizer is available in 6 and 12 capacity.

Calf Hero™ Colostrum Auto Fill

Calf Hero Auto Fill Colostrum measuring and filling stationConquer the messiness of colostrum with this automated fill station. Pre-select size for 2L, 3L, or 4L and quickly fill up your colostrum bags. Optional in-line Brix refractometer makes colostrum quality testing a breeze. Easily connect to a bulk tank for dosing. Use your existing CIP for easy cleaning.

ColoQuick Pasteurizer ColoQuick

Calf Hero Coloquick Pasteur 2 - Colostrum PasteurizingThe perfect colostrum pasteurizing option for mid-size dairies is the ColoQuick Pasteur 2 or Maxx 4, with either two or four meals respectively.

This unit offers three programs pasteurize to feed, pasteurize to store, and thaw. The reporting ability is limited.

ColoQuick: Colostrum Management System by Golden Calf Company. Thaw and Pasteurize your colostrum the right way.

Successful Dairies Manage Colostrum

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Managing colostrum is critical to calf-hood health. With proper colostrum feeding, you can improve not only the calf morbidity and mortality rates, but also increase milk production. Colostrum feeding should be done within 30 min of birth with at least four quarts of colostrum containing a total of 200IgGs, minimal bacterial count, and be at 105F. Getting all that done can be tricky, especially with multiple people responsible for the calving area. That’s why we bring you the best colostrum management systems in the industry. Download the Calf Hero Colostrum Management brochure.

Calf Hero Colostrum Pasteurizer comparison to ColoQuick Colostrum Pasteurizer

Calf Hero 6 and Calf Hero 12  – Smart Colostrum Pasteurizer

The most precise line of colostrum pasteurizers including text messaging, web interface, and precise temperature in large capacity (6 to 12 meals at one time) for the big dairies. See the details

Coloquick Units

The Coloquick units are a proven solution for small to mid-size family dairies. An easy way to get started in colostrum management is a simple colostrum Thaw unit. For those that prefer pasteurizing colostrum, the options are either a two-capacity or a four-capacity Pasteur unit. See the details

Disposable Colostrum Bags and Cartridges

What makes both systems work are cartridges and disposable colostrum bags. The cartridge facilitates rapid cooling and warming, while the bag provides a safe environment for the colostrum. Measuring at full four quarts you are assured that your calf will receive the correct amount of colostrum during the first feeding. See the details

5 step to colostrum management by Golden Calf Company Calf HeroWhy Colostrum Management

Calves Done Right

Calves are the future of your dairy. Much like an architect, who must design a solid foundation in order to build a skyscraper, you are in charge of building a foundation for the future of your dairy herd. Research has proven that a calf, which has been fed colostrum properly, is less likely to get sick, more likely to have an increased daily gain, calf-in sooner, and most importantly become a better milk producer. The first hour is the single most important hour of the calf’s life and one that will impact your herd two years from now, so wouldn’t you want to do it just right?

A Golden Calf Company Customer Brian, 600 cows, Brillion, WI testifies to the benefits of using a Colostrum Management System

Real Dairy Farms

The Calf Hero Colostrum Management System featuring the ColoQuick units has been implemented on dairies of all sizes with tremendous success. Our customers reap the benefits of simple and easy to follow protocols. The results are immediate from lowered pharmaceutical bills, improved passive transfer, increased average daily gain to more productive employees. We have helped dairies all across North America. Let us know what you’d like to improve and see if colostrum management is a good fit.

Just the Right Size for Your Dairy

Dairies come in different shapes and sizes and no two are alike. We understand that and have designed our colostrum management system to be able to apply itself to your needs, but yet create consistency and easy to follow protocols. From a simple colostrum thaw unit to a high capacity colostrum pasteurizer, we offer a selection that is sure to fit your needs. Learn about our ColoQuick units here.