Successful Dairies Manage Colostrum

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Check out the newest in colostrum management – the Calf Hero line , a smart technology, large capacity colostrum pasteurizers that help you stick with your protocols.

Managing your colostrum – the way you test colostrum, the way you thaw colostrum, and even pasteurizing colostrum can become simple and easy with our Colostrum Management System – a pasteurizer or thaw unit with a single use colostrum bag and a set of accessories. We offer the ColoQuick Colostrum Management or the Calf Hero Colostrum Management. More importantly, feeding colostrum the right way makes your dairy successful in the long run because the way you raise your calves today directly impacts your future. Golden Calf Company is dedicated to supplying the tools that maximize your calves’ potential while saving money and labor. The best in technology, our Calf Hero colostrum pasteurizer line comes with remote viewing from any of your electronic devices. From Colostrum Management to Calf Milk Pasteurizing, we have the tools you need to raise healthy calves. Visit Calf Wear Calf Jackets for calf jackets and Calf Lab Testing for digital refractometers.
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