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Successful calf raising doesn’t happen by accident. You have to plan for it and manage for it. Great calf people need great tools to do the job you expect of them. At Golden Calf Company, we take pride in developing high-quality tools that are designed for great calf rearing.

Stainless Steel Tube Feeder

As we all know it is not always possible to feed the calf with a nipple. Whatever the reason may be whether the calf is not able to suckle or whether the calf manager has had many calves in a short period time, we offer an esophageal tube feeder. This tube feeder is made of stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean. While plastic tube feeders are prone to scuff marks due to frequent use, our stainless steel tube feeder prevents calves’ throats from scratching.

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Dairy Calf Tube Feeder

Stainless Steel Tube Feeder

The smallest tube feeder tip on the market enables safe and easy tube feeding, while the large inside opening allows for fast flow of colostrum. Stainless steel is resistant to scratching thus preventing the calf’s throat from damage and limiting bacterial growth. It is also easier to sanitize than plastic.

Quick Shut-off

Easily turn the flow of colostrum on or off just with your thumb. This gives you time to properly insert the tube feeder prior to starting the flow of colostrum, thus preventing the calf from aspirating it. Wide shield helps the calf relax and makes it easier to maintain correct tube feeder depth.

Easy Cleaning

Green handle slides down for quick access to the stop mechanism. Easy opening makes regular cleaning and maintenance simple.


Cleaning Kit for Stainless Steel Tube Feeder

Stay on top of your calf care tool hygiene by using the stainless steel brush kit. The brush kit allows you to reach through any hose or tube feeder. Specially designed brush tip breaks up the bio-film making your tools spotless. Long handle makes cleaning hard-to-reach areas a breeze.
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Stainless Steel Hook for Tube Feeder

Stainless steel hook hanger allows for us to be hands free when going to feed our calves. Designed to be mounted on a wall or attached to the strap of the backpack, it provides the cleanest and most convenient method for keeping your tube feeder or brush cleaning kit handy and sanitary.
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Colostrum Fill Station

Filling Station

Filling a bag or a bottle with colostrum can be messy. This rugged stainless steel filling station makes it easy. Mount it on a wall or stand it on the floor. Funnel and stand are adjustable to match your height. Easy to clean, the fill station comes with a lid to protect cleanliness while not in use. Inside scale indicates volume up to one gallon.
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Frozen Colostrum Bank

Chill colostrum quicker to prevent bacterial growth by moving cold air between cartridges with this twin turbo fan freezer. LCD screen displays current temperature.
LxWxH: 26” x 27.5” x 84.5”
Electrical:115 V AC/60 Hz/15A

Nipples_Aligned_sqNipple Feeder

This unique nipple feeder is designed economically to make it comfortable for the calf feeder. Screw top mechanism secures the nipple, but makes it easy to clean. Check valve inside helps keep the flow of milk or colostrum to the calf.
There are three kinds of nipples available, letting you choose the best fit for size and firmness.
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Anti Kink Hose

The coil inside this clear anti-kink hose prevents it from bending and stopping the flow. The translucent design enables you to see the flow of colostrum from the bag to the calf. Have all your calf feeding tools on hand and easily switch between a nipple and a tube feeder.
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