Calf Wear Calf Jackets

The Calf Wear calf jackets have been developed in Wisconsin with the experience of many cold winters. You will find them ruggedly designed, durably crafted and perfectly form fitting. The calf jackets are made of three layers – water repellent Corden™ fabric protects a layer of moisture wicking Thinsulate™ which is supported by a soft and comfortable lining.Downloadable CalfWearBrochure

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Anatomy of a Calf Jacket


Three Sizes

Three sizes in three colors make it easy to get the right sizes for your calves and to find the right size when you are in a hurry.
Small = red
Large = black
Extra Large = green

Made in Wisconsin

We produce our calf jackets right in Wisconsin. We know what a tough winter looks like and how it can affect a calf. All our experience went into developing a high quality calf jacket that is designed to withstand the coldest temperatures.

Adjustable Straps

Each Calf Wear calf jacket has two adjustable straps that reach from the calf’s belly to its hind legs to prevent irritating the navel. Straps are fully removable for easy washing which results in a longer lasting jacket.


Contoured Back

Calf Wear calf jackets are designed with a contoured back to limit staining and to prevent soiling. Contoured back also allows for better mobility of the calf.
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Front Closure

The Calf Wear calf jackets, unlike most others do not include any velcro. This prevents debris from getting caught and stuck to the jacket. It also eliminates the weak point of most calf jacket designs.


UV Thread

The Calf Wear calf jackets are produced with a special UV thread. The thread goes through a specially formulated process that ensures durability and strength where thread is exposed to UV sunlight radiation and acidic materials to create a longer lasting jacket.

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