Live Colostrum Feeding Demonstration

Emily using the Golden Calf Company Colostrum Management System to Feed Newborn Calves
Join Golden Calf Company in the Cow Coliseum in Stratford, Ontario during the Canadian Dairy Xpo. For the February 2014 show we have increased the size of our booth so we can visit with even more farmers and share information about Dairy Colostrum and its management. Canadian Dairyman can look forward to learning more about:

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Golden Calf Company Live Demonstration at Canadian Dairy Xpo Golden Calf Company showcases the colostrum management feeding system at the Canadian Dairy Xpo
IMG_20130207_102555_529Taking time to showcase the unique qualities of the Golden Calf Company Colostrum Management System during the Canadian Dairy Expo
IMG_20130207_102612_144Using the unique backpack makes feeding colostrum easier on both the calf and the calf manager. It can be used with either a tube feeder or a nipple feeder, allowing the person feeding the calf to choose the most appropriate method or even switch half way through
IMG_20130207_102732_216Emily returning the well-fed calf into its pen.