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With Calf Hero System you know that you are getting all your tools on day one and there are no surprises. This system brings with it tools that help you keep colostrum handling safe and sanitary from sterile storage bags to a freezer, all the way to cleaning supplies. Simply choose the size of the unit that will fit your dairy the best and all the rest will arrive with it.

Choose Your Colostrum Pasteurizer

Depending on the size of your dairy and your needs, we have four units for you to choose from:

Calf Hero™ 12

The smartest colostrum pasteurizer on the market is intended for large dairies. The Calf Hero™ 12 can handle up to 12 individual colostrum meals for both pasteurizing and thawing. It offers a state-of-the-art technology  with SmartErrors handling and automated text messaging alerts. Learn more…

Calf Hero™ 6

The newest colostrum pasteurizer on the market is intended for growing dairies. The Calf Hero™ 6 can handle up to six individual colostrum meals for both pasteurizing and thawing. It features the ability to communicate in multiple languages and even offers a three types of cleaning cycles Learn more…

ColoQuick – Maxx 4

The midsize dairy’s colostrum pasteurizer of choice is the Maxx 4. Able to handle 4 colostrum meals at a time, it offers both pasteurizing and thawing cycles as well as basic ability to log cycles. Learn more…

ColoQuick – Pasteur 2

With two meal capacity, the Pasteur 2 is a great starter unit for dairies that would like to pasteurize their colostrum. Also capable of thawing, this unit offers you a jump start on colostrum managment. Learn more…

Coloquick – Thaw

For those who are looking to improve their colostrum management without the need to pasteurize. The thaw unit can handle two colostrum meals at a time. Learn more…

System Components

ColoQuick Bag: Colostrum Bag by Golden Calf Company

The Bag

This colostrum bag is specifically designed for storing colostrum. The bag can hold up to 4 liters (1 gallon) of colostrum. It is designed so that the bag surface is as large as possible, yet allowing the bag to be very handy. This maximizes heat exchange from warm water to the frozen colostrum. And likewise, the freshly harvested colostrum can be cooled very quickly. Colostrum bags are disposable.

ColoQuick Cartridge: Colostrum Handling cartridge by Golden Calf Company protects your colostrum bag

The Cartridge

The cartridge stores the colostrum bag all the way from filling the bag, via the fill station, until feeding the calf. The holes and the structure inside the cartridge ensures maximum flow of warm water across the surface of the colostrum bag, when the cartridge is placed in the water bath.

You can identify each cartridge with date and quality on the writing plate.

Colostrum Bank

Colostrum Bank

The ColoQuick concept is based on the establishment of a colostrum bank in a freezer. Our unique Colostrum Bank features a digital thermostat which allows you to adjust temperature exactly to a degree anywhere from -35°F up to 40°F.  Automatic defrost and  twin-turbo fans ensure correct temperature every time. The fans provide  maximum air movement between the colostrum from top to bottom.  This colostrum bank gives you the best chilling of colostrum to your desired temperature every time.

Colostrum Fill Station

Filling Station

Place your filling station in the parlor, so that colostrum is immediately put into a new sterile bag. The filling station is sized exactly to 4 liters (1 gallon) to assure proper filling of the colostrum bag. You can mount it on the wall or it can stand on the floor.


Immediately after collecting colostrum, test the quality with a refractometer. Label the cartridge and place the colostrum into the Colostrum Bank. Studies show that as much as 50% of colostrum is not of quality that should be fed to newborns. By testing the quality of your colostrum you can assure that you feed the best quality to your newborn heifers and you feed the lower quality on a second feeding or to your bull calves. How to use the refractometer…

Feeding Nipple and Stainless Steel Tube Feeder

Stainless Steel Esophageal Tube Feeder or Nipple Assembly

Once colostrum is warmed up and ready to feed, simply attach a hose with the stainless steel esophageal tube feeder or the nipple.

Feeding newborn calves can be challenging, that’s why the ColoQuick Colostrum Management System provides you with tools to make it faster and easier. Enabling you to be able to handle the calf with both hands makes it possible to feed the calf faster and in a more gentle way. What’s so different…

Insulated Backpack


To give you the best possible control when feeding calf colostrum for the first time, we provide you with straps and a backpack. The green colostrum cartridge can be placed in a backpack and put on your back freeing up both of your hands to handle the calf. The backpack is insulated to keep the colostrum at the perfect temperature even during winter.