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How Dirty is the Colostrum You are Feeding?

Posted by Laura Stensberg

Feeding dirty colostrum to your newborn calves can cost you thousands of dollars in future treatments, vet bills, and time dealing with calf problems. So ask yourself this question, is it worth cleaning? And if it is, follow our five steps to the perfect cleanliness. Are Your Colostrum Tools Worth Cleaning? In colostrum feeding, we…
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Addressing the forgotten: Hygiene!

Posted by Dagmar Beckel Machyckova

Last week, the Calf Care Connection put on by PDPW went off without a hitch, full of calf persons from all over Wisconsin. We were very honored to sponsor Dr.Sam Leadly, who spoke in depth about the on farm cleanliness for our calf care materials. I personally believe that hygiene is a much overlooked topic on…
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