A while back we introduced an idea taken from the auto industry, called “Lean Manufacturing.” Now, I am asking to take that concept one step further, by implementing a 2-second approach that was developed by Paul Akers, owner of Fastcap. These concepts seem quite foreign and impossible to undertake, let alone make relevant to the dairy industry. I guess the first thing we should do, is to have a quick refresher on what creating a “lean” dairy means.

In the blog post, “Trim the Fat! Building a Lean Dairy is Great,” I talked about what a “lean” dairy means. Simply put it means eliminating waste, things like overproduction, unnecessary transportation, excess inventory, employee motion, defects/damaged tools, animals waiting, etc. The best way to start this elimination process is to identify where we can add value to our calves! I talked about how to begin such a large undertaking. First, you will need to identify the unnecessary steps, by reviewing and revising your daily protocols. Once you have done these things, then you can start looking at how your work areas are set up and how they flow.

Now that we had a brief review, it is time to take this concept a step further and make it even easier to implement at your dairy. Turning your operation into a “lean” mean machine is a daunting task. That is why Paul Akers came up with this idea of a 2-second lean process. The main idea is to make 2-second improvements every day. Are there things that you do daily or things that your employees do daily that seem redundant? If the answer to this is “yes” and most likely it is, then here is where you begin.